Feel II


Feel II sideboard presents a front covered with real stone veneer and delicate brass inlays that add to its sophisticated and geometric modern furniture design. With four doors, endowed with a push-pull system, Feel II sideboard is also a practical piece that allows for storage of living or dining room items.
Choose from several different stone colors and textures available to coordinate with the decor of your project.

The stone veneer
The 100% natural surface of the stone gives each panel unique and singular characteristics, extracted from nature in an innovative production process.
The stone surface is enforced from the back with fiberglass for better stability and easy processing.
Very light: It weighs just 1,5 kg per m², which also significantly reduces transport costs compared to stone slabs and also helps to reduce the degradation of natural resources.
All chemical components used are harmless to health and correspond to the highest quality standards.


W: 2,4m D: 0,5m H: 0,9m