Focusing on the essential, Carter kitchen is composed by elegant built-in cabinets that reveal the pragmatism and beauty of a customized kitchen design.  Its light and serene personality brings about a peaceful and harmonious ambiance that explores the refinement of true simplicity.

Its clean-cut design displays a fondness for the texture and character of oak wood, coupled with the use of brass and golden details that add a touch of sophistication to the environment.

Due to its delicateness and graciousness, Calacatta Gold marble is the most suitable choice not only to complement the walls and floor but also for the sink and kitchen island countertops. The intricate use of ribbed glass blends perfectly with the beige and gold hues that fill the whole atmosphere, making each detail exhale tranquility, balance and tastefulness.

If you are looking for a matching bathroom design, check the latest Carter vanity unit. For an elegant and fully custom-made walk-in closet, see also Carter wardrobe.