With a flair for pale tones and the creation of balanced ambiances, Blossom built-in wardrobe combines two rich and sophisticated beige and pearl wood veneers with a soft pale lacquer finish that adds to its delicate and peaceful atmosphere.

This furniture item draws instant attention to the floral motifs that adorn some of its doors, resembling Japanese cherry blossoms – completely handmade, these patterns are a token of splendid artisanship and tasteful design.

With multiple shelves and doors for endless storage options, Blossom custom-made wardrobe encompasses an integrated space with a central showcase endowed with a garment rack, and a beautiful island, incorporating a very convenient ten-drawer set with a Calacatta Oro marble top. This, allied to delicate golden inlays, smart lighting features, ribbed wood ceiling frames and a customizable shoe rack, provides an elevated and uplifting ambiance that comprises not only a dainty walk-in closet, but also an unquestionably sophisticated bathroom vanity unit.