Ava II


Defined by a rectangular profile with a curved front, Ava II cabinet is an intriguing piece of craftsmanship. It is made from stripe grey 2 wood veneer that is carefully handled by experienced artisans who create an intricate marquetry work with an appealing geometrical effect.

All around the top, a refined golden brass inlay outlines the whole structure, setting an interesting contrast that will elevate the sophisticated character of this piece. Endowed with two doors, Ava II cabinet combines visual wonder with functionality by making the opening experience as smooth as possible and allowing for plentiful storage options.

Altogether, this piece is an example of modern and versatile design with a joyful combination of materials and textures, fitting for your living or dining room set.

Customization is available, as Dare Interiors offers a wide variety of finishes and veneers to choose from.