The imposing Allure wardrobe is a luxurious addition to a contemporary bedroom design scheme. Its rigorous silhouette is crafted in solid wood, lovingly finished with a gloss lacquer. Elegant door handles in brushed brass provide a more sophisticated appeal, with a contrast of materials and colors that almost turns Allure wardrobe into an ethereal piece of furniture.

This piece comprises independent modules that can be easily adapted, blending perfectly with the decoration scheme of your house. The interior, crafted in groove brown 2, is the main highlight of this piece. It comprises two stunning, customizable and extractable modules that allow for the rearrangement of items and clever storage, as well as a sensor-operated interior LED light, blending aesthetics with practicality.

A truly delicate wonder, with brushed brass details that add an intriguing nature to this piece. Memorable, contemporary and luxurious.

Other veneers and finishes are also at your disposal, in order to allow for customization and the creation of a unique piece that will match the interior design of the bedroom.

See also Allure II wardrobe.


W: 3,96m D: 0,62m H: 2,45m