With an undeniable classical figure, Reese custom-made vanity unit sits well with greenery and natural elements. Its simplicity is both appealing and elevating: its strong classical heritage is not defied by its straight lines, but rather emphasized by its elegant figure. The light sage green wall frames are beautifully complemented by an illustrated wallpaper in the same calming tone, portraying exquisite floral motifs and colorful birds.

In a greyish shade of white, Reese vanity unit takes in the beauty of its surroundings, exuding serenity and channeling the magnificent calm of the outer world. With a calacatta marble top, its presence grows stronger, acquiring an enhanced sophistication, partly due to the splashes of gold that can be found throughout the ambiance: the marble sink, faucets, accessories, mirror frame, lamp structures and hardware are all made of delicate golden brass.

Knowing that every detail counts and every need matters, this bespoke vanity is, in fact, a statement piece fit for a refined bathroom layout.

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