tall bar cabinet

Lotus tall bar cabinet is an elegant classic furniture piece that belongs in a traditional living or dining room: its sophisticated design, inspired by French classicism, mixes traditional and modern features in order to attain a timeless look.

With long cabriole legs made of cherry wood and ornamented by gold leaf carved motifs, this piece presents a regal and classical design that fills the room with refinement and charm.

Made of oak, the upper part of this piece of furniture is composed by two doors depicting a delicate and intricate wood work that brings about the richness of its veins. The gold handles, trimmed and textured and made of hammered brass, add to the sophistication of this cabinet that navigates through the duality between what is seen and unseen, old and new, lost and found.

Highly practical, Lotus tall bar cabinet is also prepared to store the bar items you need due to its two interior drawers, spacious glass compartments and two side shelves on both doors.

With a light lacquered finish that focuses on the natural attributes of the wood and the chosen color, Lotus tall bar cabinet can be customized and adapted to any elegant environment.  A wide selection of colors and finishes is at your disposal to guarantee the creation of a completely bespoke piece.

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W: 0,9m D: 0,45m H: 1,55m