Lotus II


Lotus chair is a classic furniture piece that will fit in a traditional dining room set: a timeless look emerges from its French-inspired classicism and individuality.

With two saber and two cabriole legs and light velvety upholstery, Lotus chair reveals its delicate yet timeless beauty. Displaying its romantic personality, this piece of furniture has got a heart-shaped back, completely upholstered.  With a noticeable duality, Lotus chair embodies both a clean-cut and a traditionally classic design, mixing straight lines with contoured silhouettes and revealing the mystery between what is seen and unseen, old and new, lost and found.

When it comes to color, a light brown hue with a soft aging effect seems to capture the essence of this piece by showcasing its delicate and tender personality without disregarding its modern relevance. As customization is not a problem, you can choose your favorite amongst a vast selection of finishes and transform this piece into something uniquely yours.

For the full dining room set, pair this item with Lotus dining table, Lotus showcase  and Lotus sideboard.



W: 0,58m D: 0,52m H: 0,92m