dressing table

Lotus dressing table is an exclusive and distinct bedroom piece of classic furniture.

With carved floral details and curved legs and feet, it displays a classical traditional figure, showcasing a French-inspired furniture design. The upper part consists of a clean-cut oak top, showing a more modern side of this piece that unfolds to a traditionally neoclassical item of furniture. Endowed with a three-fold mirror and a drawer to store your make-up, jewelry and essentials, Lotus dressing table promises to make your mornings easier, while adding glamour and a romantic touch to your bedroom ambiance and home.

Combining a naturally-toned oak top with a soft lacquer and contrasting white high-relief carved details, Lotus bedside table opens up countless possibilities when it comes to finishes. While displaying a simple finish, this classic piece of furniture highlights the delicate beauty of a serene color, adding to its already royal nature.

To complete the Lotus bedroom ambiance, pay close attention to Lotus Chest of drawers, Lotus bedside table and Lotus bed.


W.: 1.53m H.: 0.57m D.: 0.70m