dining table

Lotus dining table is a sophisticated classic furniture piece that belongs in a traditional dining room: its romantic design, inspired by French classicism, mixes traditional and modern features in order to attain a timeless look. Contoured feet, natural carved motifs and an overall classical design grant this piece the elegance of former times. Made of walnut and with a wood work technique that showcases its fondness for geometrical shapes, the top is extendable, revealing its mysterious character and depicting the duality between what is seen and unseen, old and new, lost and found.

The natural toned walnut top goes along well with the table’s cherry wood structure. With an Antique finish that adds a soft aging effect and contrasting gold high-relief motifs, Lotus dining table highlights the simplicity of cherry wood and the nobility of walnut. You can choose amongst a wide selection of colors and finishes in order to truly customize this piece of furniture, creating something that belongs only to you.

Keeping this unique piece of classic furniture in your dining room is knowing that AMclassic will bring the best of exclusive furniture into your home.

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W: 1,4m D: 0,45m H: 0,82m