side table

Goya side table pays homage to the Spanish painter Francisco Goya, whose romantic works are still celebrated and cherished. As a fan of chiaroscuro, Goya liked to play with light and dark in order to add character and a sense of volume to his paintings.

Inspired by Goya’s work, this living room piece also explores contrast and depth through the use of different wood types and colors. While its structure is made of light aged oak, the top is made of dark lacquered cherry wood, presenting a tray-shaped design with small brims. Despite its eclectic design, the neoclassical influence is clear: Goya side table has French Cabriole legs, displaying low-relief patterned carvings in its upper part, as well as a tiny drawer with a round ring pull. Taking advantage of oak’s natural properties, this piece highlights the artistry of woodwork, evidencing a round frame that portrays delicacy and sophistication.


W: 0,62m D: 0,62m H: 0,6m