D. José

chest of drawers

 In a period in which it was forbidden to use gold or silver in furniture manufacture, Portuguese artisans felt the need of perfecting their wood carving skills. This episode led to a different style in classical furniture in Portugal, D.José, which favors artistically demanding woodwork with high and low-relief carvings. Influenced by English Chippendale and French Louis XV furniture, it is known as the period of perfect furniture execution.

Technically impeccable, D.José chest of drawers is a vibrant bedroom piece, endowed with intricate wood carvings and an extremely contoured silhouette. Made of chestnut wood, it plays with asymmetry without losing its harmony and balance. With one big drawer and two smaller ones, it reflects said asymmetry, portraying a typically classical look, with four carved cabriole legs.  The antique handles add personality and peculiarity to the already vintage style of this piece.


W: 1,3m D: 0,52m H: 0,91m