Bespoke furniture projects

Bespoke Furniture: tailoring your dreams

A custom made solution for your interior design and architecture projects.

Bespoke Kitchen,
Wardrobe & Bath

Bespoke Kitchen, Wardrobe & Bath by AMfurniture Group offers a highly qualified customization service. An interior design project comes with unique and demanding expectations and our job is to make it come to life. Ranging from classical to minimalist and contemporary designs, each ambiance encompasses a sense of elegance, offering great functionality, faithfulness to a legacy of artisanship, technical knowledge and versatility.

Focusing on adaptability, space utilization and high-end design, Bespoke Kitchen, Wardrobe and Bath by AMfurniture Group fulfills your every dream.

Bespoke kitchen, wardrobe and bath
Bespoke Tailor Made

Tailor-made furniture for your project specific needs

Your interior design or architecture project is most certainly unique and highly demanding. Understanding your needs and how specific your projects are is a skill we’ve developed long ago to ensure that your vision and design is meticulously reflected in the final result. We want you to focus on your client while we take care of everything else, assuring that each piece, each detail regarding design and manufacture meets your expectations.

Our team

We have built a diverse and collaborative team that is composed by  project managers, who will establish a strong communication channel and follow the whole production process; drafting technicians and designers that will not settle for less than greatness; wood specialists who care deeply about their work and possess the knowledge to use the best crafting techniques and a logistics team that will find the most suitable delivery solutions. Our resourceful team is capable of solving the most challenging projects, addressing all types of requests. Your project is our priority and nothing makes us happier than providing a custom-made solution that will meet your every need.

Our Team
Bespoke Techniques

Techniques & Materials

Our extensive experience has taught us to work with a vast variety of materials and finishes, using different techniques to create your products the way you idealized them. From noble woods to a specific veneer or melamine, you can pick the option that best suits your projects. As for the techniques, we are specialists in woodcarving and marquetry work, as well as in integrating metal, brass, marble, glass and upholstery in different furniture pieces. You can also choose from a wide range of finishes, selecting the ones that are tailored to your needs.


Total availability and commitment to each and every project are essential to a true partnership. Bearing that in mind, we’ve implemented a very simple process: you trust us with your project and we take care of the rest: budget, technical consultancy, delivery and permanent customer care.

AMfurniture Partnership